Finding Water Leaks Under Concrete Slabs

If you suspect that you have a leak in the pipes under a concrete slab, you can expect to have to go through a difficult process in order to fix it. There is nothing you can do, in most cases, to prevent or discourage a leak under concrete slabs, it is just the luck of the draw, unfortunately. A slab leak is what happens when a water pipe, located under a concrete slab, like a patio, gets a leak. It isn’t as simple as digging a hole in the dirt for a repair. In this case, you still have the concrete to contend with.

Finding water leaks under a slab can be difficult, but you can certainly look for signs that will indicate a leak is definitely underneath. The main signs you will find are shifting concrete, unusual floods around the concrete or a bad odour that is coming from the underside of the concrete. You may also notice decreased pressure in the system overall with no other cause or a pH scale in the water that is extremely high.

What this comes down to is this:  finding water leaks under concrete will cause you to have to dig up the slab.  You will need to get special tools, like a concrete cutting tool and though you can do this yourself, if you do not have all of these tools on hand, you are very likely to have a better and cheaper situation if you hire a plumber to take care of this leak. It is certainly not recommended that you try to fix this leak yourself if you have no experience in plumbing. You could end up costing yourself a lot of time and thousands of dollars if you do this incorrectly.  When in doubt, especially with a difficult job like a leak under concrete, a professional should be used if at all possible.

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